Communications Coaching

"Collaborative Divorce Arbitration Mediation Professionals of Santa Cruz County

coaches are licensed therapists who provide emotonal support,

communicaton skill-building, and conflict resoluton tools for each of you."

Communication Coaches address the emotional issues that frequently slow down or even derail the divorce progress. Our coaches are also trained child therapists who create a safe environment to help ensure that the conflict present in your situation is resolved. Common issues facing divorcing couples include power imbalance, value differences, co-parenting, substance abuse, infidelity, and mental or physical health problems. These issues can create emotional roadblocks that hinder your divorce process. We will support you in navigating those issues successfully. Our Coaches identify and prioritize each of your concerns and teach respectful communication skills. If you have minor children, coaches respond to their needs by assisting you in writing your individualized co-parenting plan that is workable for you and your children.

The child specialist is an independent and neutral professional, bringing your child's needs to the table without placing them in the middle of the divorce process. Our licensed child specialist meets with you and your children both together and separately to enquire about their hopes in the divorce process and beyond. They then bring the findings to the larger collaborative divorce team, giving your child a voice in the process that is generally missing in the traditional divorce process. These therapeutic steps help to reduce the harmful effects of divorce upon your child. Recognizing that Santa Cruz is a small community and confidentiality is key, our C.A.M.P. child specialists can help you, as the parents, to work toward the best possible parenting plan.

C.A.M.P. is a group of professionals in the Santa Cruz County area of California. We provide the dispute resolution services: Collaborative Divorce, Arbitration and Mediation. We are able to match these legal, financial and coaching communication to your individual needs.